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What makes us stand out from the competition?

Price and Service! Here at Smart Data Reports we specialise in providing credit and data search services to private landlords, estate agents, solicitors, accountants, CRM software providers, national companies  and franchises.
In conjunction with Equifax we are able to offer an ever growing portfolio of services. We provide tailored packages and services for your individual or business needs, providing the best value price and product directly to you.

Our Equifax Tenancy Verifier gives you instant access to detailed and accurate information to help you make instant decisions and to let with confidence. It allows you to verify a tenants ID without requiring the tenant to provide paper proof of identity. This helps limit the risk of theft, loss and fraud whilst also reducing admin times and costs.


Used at the point of application, our Equifax Anti-money Laundering (AML) profile encompasses proof of residency checks, proof of identity checks and alert notifications. This can help you streamline your AML processes and optimise risk management. AML Profile can also assist you in meeting regulatory requirements in relation to money laundering and to help prevent fraud.

A 3-digit outcome coupled with a pass/fail outcome clearly display the number of positive residency and identity checks achieved and also highlights the presence of risk indicators Delivers Traceable Intelligence. Equifax Watch list also included; Screens against Worldwide Sanctions, PEPs and Relative & Close Associate data. Provides Special Interest Persons (SIPs) and Special Interest Entity (SIE) screening to highlight high level crime and the associated potential risks.

Our Credit Reports from Equifax deliver predictive consumer data to help you make more profitable decisions, mitigate risk and maximise growth opportunities. These reports support your business in:

-Increasing revenue through streamlining acquisition processes and targeting cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
-Preventing fraud and risk by quickly identifying high-risk consumers
-Strengthening account management with insight available at any point in the consumer lifecycle
-Advancing collection efforts with current identification and location information

Our consumer data is updated from multiple sources to give you timely decisioning insight. We're committed to continuously innovating to strengthen data quality and match rates and provide even greater value to your business. We also maintain a constant focus on infrastructure investments to deliver unmatched delivery speed, reliability and security.

We believe our Equifax Income Verification is the strongest and most transparent income verification process in the market today. Equifax Income Verification delivers benefits across your customer journey including at application, in customer management and for collections.

Equifax Income Verification helps you to lend more responsibly whilst removing the need for manual verification and its associated delays in the customer journey. Equifax Income Verification gives you the insight to present better offers to your customers. Used in your affordability assessment, our automated income verification is transparent, robust and accurate because:

-Our process aims to replicate the thoroughness of manual verification
-We identify the relevant current account and, through complex algorithms, the turnover in the account relevant to income
-We provide insight into the sufficiency, consistency and stability of the account turnover relevant to the consumer's income
-We make sure you understand our low-level calculations to demonstrate how it works with your overall responsible lending strategy
-You choose the parameters that work best with your credit policies

Our Equifax Bank Account Verifier is a comprehensive and versatile service that quickly verifies a customer’s identity and confirms whether the bank account details provided are correct and valid. This can help you to streamline new business processes and improve your customer journey. Equifax Bank Account Verifier can help you to avoid mistakes when setting up direct debits, reduce associated costs and increase sales.

The user simply provides the name, date of birth, address, bank account number and sort code. This is then compared to the details provided by the banks themselves to see if they match. Equifax Bank Account Verifier uses linked addresses, allowing us to perform bank account checks by using current and previous address data. In addition, we can uncover previous linked addresses which may be associated with instances of fraud. If a match isn’t made, the returned characteristics will indicate why and how it can be rectified by identifying potential anomalies. This means, once rectified, you can continue to take payment with confidence.

Our Equifax Personnel Check is a comprehensive employee screening service that confirms that candidates, employees, contractors and/or volunteers are who they say they are, and have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to support the values and objectives of your organisation.

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